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PU CET Coaching Center in Chandigarh


Punjab University in Chandigarh is one of the most reputed universities in the country. It is well established that a student who passes out from Punjab University (PU) will only succeed in life and will have a lucrative career. PU is known for its rigid and intense teaching programs which will help the students in enhancing their skills and achieve greatness. PU CET is a national level medical entrance exam conducted by the Punjab University every year for those applicants who wish to take admission into B. Pharmacy, BHMS and B.Sc.

What is a Common Entrance Test?

Common Entrance is the name for a set of examinations taken by students for entrance to different institutions. The syllabuses are devised by the Institutions Examinations Board which is composed of Heads from the three Associations which represent the leading institutions in the country. The papers are set by examiners appointed by the Board, but the answers are marked by the institution for which a candidate is entered.

Candidates may normally be entered for Common Entrance only if:

• They have been offered a place at an Institution after they’ve passed the examinations
• They have been offered a place at an Institution after they’ve passed the examinations

How Career Point Academy prepares students for PU CET

Practice – At Career Point Academy, we mix your passion for entrance test clearance with vigorous practice employing the following strategic approach

  • Module Based Classes
  • Module Based Classes
  • Counseling sessions
  • Regular Mock tests
  • Personality development classes
  • Practice using previous year papers
  • Build reading and writing skills in the students
  • Performance evaluation

Common Entrance Test [PU-CET (Under graduate)] -2016 from Punjab University in Chandigarh

The Physical Counseling session for admission to B. Pharma and B.Sc. (Honours) for the 1st Year students will be held in the second week of October 2016. The Detailed Counseling Schedule will be available to the students once they register to our website and provide all the details are to be provided. All the interested and eligible candidates who will submit their forms till 20 august 2016 (till 5:00 p.m.) will be eligible to appear in physical counseling.

Department wise new allocation lists are available. As updated on 12 august, 2016 candidates can now check their allocated Department/Centre inside their login accounts also.



Punjab University does not take any responsibility of postal or other delays. No late applicant will be considered. Applying only online and non-submission of printed form will result in rejection of candidature.

Foreign Nationals /N.R.I./P.I.O

Candidates seeking admission under the Foreign Nationals/NRI Students category are required to submit their academic certificates as a proof of passing the qualifying examination for each course to which admission is to be sought. The minimum qualification for them would be same as per Indian students.

Punjab University CET Syllabus

Punjab University CET UG 2017 Syllabus:- The syllabi is as per the CBSE for the session 2016-17.


Unit 1

Sets and Functions
• Algebra
• Co-ordinate Geometery
• Calculus
• Mathematical Reasoning

Unit 2

• Relations and Functions
• Algebra
• Calculus
•  Vectors and Three dimensional Geometery
• Linear Programming
• Probability


Unit 1

• Physcial world and measurements
• Kinematics
• Laws of motion
• Work, Energy and Power
• Motion of system of particiles and rigid body
• gravittation
• properties of bulk matter
• Thermodynamics
• Behavior of perfect gas and kinetic theory
• Oscillation and Waves

Unit 2

• Electrostatistics
• Current Electricity
• Magnetic Effects of Current and Magnetism
• Electromagnetic induction and alternating currents
• Electromagnetic waves
• Optics
• Dual nature of matter and radiation
• Atoms and nuclei
• Electronic Devices
• Communication systems


Unit 1

• Some Basic concepts of chemistry
• Structure of Atom
• Classification of Elements and periodicity of properties
• Chemical bonding and molecular structure
• States of matter, gases and liquids
• Thermodynamics
• Equibrilium
• Redox Reaction
• Hydrogen
• s-Block Elements
• Group 14 Elements
• Organic Chemistry
•  Hydrocarbons
• Environmental Chemistry

Unit 2

• Solid State
• Solutions
• Electrochemistry
• Chemical Kinetics
• Surface Chemistry
• General Principles and processes of isolation of elements
• p- Block Elements
• d and f Block Elements
• Co-ordination compunds
• Haloalkelines and Haloarenes
• Alcohols, Phenols and Ethers
• Aldehydes, Ketones and Carboxylic Acids
• Organic Compunds containing nitrogen
• Chemistry in everday life.


Unit 1

• Diversity in Living World
• Structural Organization in animals and plants
• Cell Structure and Function
• Plant Physiology
• Human Physiology

Unit 2

• Reproduction
• Genetics and Evolution
• Biology and Human Welfare
• Biotechnology and its application
• Ecology and its environment





•Introduction to Biotechnology
•Cell and Development
•Genetics and Molecular Biology



•Protein and Gene Manipulation
•Cell Culture and Genetic Manupilation


Computer Science



•Computer Fundamentals
•Introduction to C++
•Programming Methodology
•Programming in C++


Unit- 2

•Programming in C++
•Data Structures
•Database Management System and SQL
•Boolean Algebra
•Networking and Open Source Software



Common Entrance Test [PU CET (Post graduate)] -2016 from Punjab University in Chandigarh

Procedure is as follows:
  • Online Registration is required and the last date for registration is August 30, 2016.
  • Note down your Login Id and Password details as you will be informed further there.
  • Bank slip is to be printed out separately.
  • Fee is to be deposited by using website generated bank slip at any State Bank of India branch in no more than one day after printing out the bank slip. August 25, 2016 is the last day for submission of fee in any State Bank of India branch.
  • Once you log in you will need to upload a scanned photograph, signature is also required and properly fill all the other important information before saving can confirmation. August 27, 2016 is the last date for the completion of form.
  • After September 15, 2016 your admission card will be available for download.
 PU CET exam is for entrance into the various medical streams. Aspirants who want to excel in medical field and want secured career must take coaching for PU CET exam in Chandigarh at Career Point Academy.


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